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20 HTML5 & CSS3 Templates for Inspiration

20 HTML5 & CSS3 Templates for Inspiration

The arrival of CSS3 and HTML5 in the purview of designers have immensely increased their productivity. In other word, the span of creative designing have been dramatically expanded by the arrival of this dual pack. Designers have now been able to inspire their imaginations to design more abstract designs that previously were not possible or were supposed to be a difficult task.

Beautiful seamless website templates can be constructed using these languages in no time at all. The best feature of these templates is its responsiveness, that absolutely means a great experience for the tablet and mobile users. Moreover, there are no compatibility issues with the browsers, hence giving a identical feel throughout the web.

Have a look at these 20 HTML5 & CSS3 templates for inspiration. I am very sure, none of these possess a single reason of rejection specially when all of these are being provided for near to free.


1. Curve


2. Tapestry


3. Aqueous


4. Deliccio


5. Respond 1.5


6. Triangle Responsive

Tri Awful

7. Design Company

Design Company

8. Andia


9.  Royale


10. Accent Box

Accent Box

11. Construct


12. Porto


13. Rt- Theme 17


14. Blocked


15. Out Shine

Out Shine

16. Nina


17. Simple Style


18. Think Simple

Think Simple

19. zParalexy


20. zStart Up


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